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Unique difficulties to overseas branch offices

If the headquarters is in overseas like Japan or any other countries, there are some unique difficulties which overseas branch offices facing. For example.

  • No one in the company can handle big CRM system which requested to install from HQ. As a result, CRM project itself has not started yet.
  • Although CRM project existed in the past in the company, it was stopped due to frequent replacement of person in charge of CRM (It is not easy to keep excellent CRM talent in company for a long time)
  • Although it is difficult to allocate human resources to CRM because of limitation of manpower, but it is impossible to receive supports from HQ.

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  • I want to persuade decision makers in the company to proceed CRM
  • Our company understand the necessity of CRM but no one in the company know exactly what to start with
  • We started CRM but there is a limitation of what to do with current human resources

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