[Example of customer rank]

Definition of customer rank # of customer Sales
VIP Total spent is more than 30,000 THB, or total # of item is more than 8 (in recent 3 years) 2,000 110,000,000
Repeat customers Total spent is 10,000 ~ 29,000 THB, or total # of item is 3 ~ 7 (in recent 3 years) 5,000 120,000,000
New customer Total spent is less than 9,999 THB, or total # of item is 1 ~ 3 (in recent 3 years) 20,000 70,000,000
Potential customer Never purchased 8,000 -

[Example of communication plan]

Customer segmentation Objective Content Communication method KPI
Rank Other condition # of customer
VIP - (all) 2,000 Maintain royalty by expressing they are most important customers to us “Exclusive special event for VIP customers”
Enjoy special dinner and limited item sale event at XX hotel
・DM (Direct mail)
20% of eligible customers apply for the event
Repeat customers No purchase within a year 3,000 Prevent dormancy "New product trial campaign"
Lend a new product for free for a certain period to all applicants
Email 15% of eligible customers apply for the campaign
New customer - (all) 20,000 Let them remember us for future purchase “Thanks message”
Thanks message for first purchase, Tips on how to use, how to care the product
Email 30% of eligible customers open the email
Potential customer - (all) 8,000 Provide opportunities to purchase "Welcome Campaign"
Give a free gift with your first purchase within the campaign period
・Online advertising
10% of eligible customers purchase